Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brooklyn artist creates 'Star Wars' portraits using staples

There are so many kinds of artists as there are types of art. But James Haggerty is truly in a class of his own, since he is one of only a few masters that create amazing portraits using staples.

   "When my wife and I were expecting our first child I made a switch from using a paintbrush or etching needle in my art to using a common office stapler," wrote Haggerty in a blog post. "I think my staple mosaics are not a far departure from the etchings or cityscape oil paintings that I am known for. Staples, just like an etched line, can be bold and graphic or soft and subdued."

   With extraordinary patience and an organized plan, the award winning painter and printmaker from Brooklyn makes detailed mosaics of iconic Star Wars characters using thousands of multi-colored office staples.

   Haggerty starts each session by creating several ink drawings before transferring his favorite sketch onto a piece of painted black board. Once the design is etched, he plants individual staples into the canvas. The dark paint provides a filler for the blank space in each mosaic and also functions as a backdrop for the colorful metal fasteners. Each portrait takes him about 6 months and up to 33,000 staples to complete.

   As a huge Star Wars fan, I'm truly impressed with these creations. To better appreciate the detail of Haggerty's mosaics, check out his official website.

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