Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Clever doodles built upon simple objects

Kristián Mensa, aka mr. kriss, is an artist, dancer, pianist, and actor from Prague, Czech Republic. A few times a week, the teenager (yes, he's only 17) shares a new doodle with his almost 27,000 Instagram followers. Each drawing incorporates everyday, often uninteresting objects like matchsticks, forks, combs and noodles. The illustrations transform these simple items into something completely new and different.

Kristián started drawing as a child. In first grade, he joined an after-school art class that really helped him with the art basics. Throughout the years, he was trying to develop his own style, and just recently, fell in love with the idea of working with ordinary objects. He looks around to find something to combine with his doodles, arranges them in certain ways, sketching around them and turning them into unique pieces of art which make people smile.

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