Monday, August 31, 2015

Dirty car art by Scott Wade

Trading paint for dust, Scott Wade creates stunning works of art using dirt and mud as his medium. He works as a graphic user interface designer, but his time is increasingly spent producing amazingly detailed images on filthy car windows. The San Antonio-based artist has done a number of commissioned works for major brands and his creations have been featured on various TV shows, fairs, festivals, and corporate events.

Scott was exposed to drawing at a very young age, but his career as a dirty car artist began when his vehicle got blocked in at a parking lot. Out of boredom, he pulled out a chewed popsicle stick out of his mouth and started doodling on a grimy windshield. On average he says he spends between an hour and a half and three hours on each drawing. Here, his take on Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Be sure to check out Scott's official website for more.

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