Saturday, August 1, 2015

'Missing' art project raises awareness about child trafficking in India

Tens of thousands of young girls disappear in India every year. Many are abducted and sold into domestic slavery, marriage, and prostitution. Missing, a public art project by Kolkata-based photographer and artist Leena Kejriwal, seeks to highlight the issue of child trafficking.

   "The staggering number of missing girls and the impunity of weak laws drove me to launch this project, which intends to educate the masses about the magnitude of the issue in an emotional and informative way, Leena said. "The 'Missing' silhouettes will hopefully stimulate a call for action by raising awareness about the millions of women prostituted as young girls in our country."

   There are about three million women prostitutes in India, and 1.2 million of them are children. The black silhouette represents the black hole into which "millions of girls disappear from the face of the earth." 

   Aside from the stencil project, Leena is also working on large scale installations and an augmented reality app that will allow smartphone users to engage with the artworks, uncover hidden tales, and connect with non-governmental organizations and campaigns working on the issue.

Mumbai skyline - projected image

[h/t: The Better India]

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