Monday, September 14, 2015

This 'Star Wars' wristwatch will cost you as much as a new car

Whatever reasons people might have for buying this limited edition Star Wars watch, it's definitely not about knowing what time it is. It is simply to impress people. Because wearing a $28,500 timepiece means you're the kind of person who can afford a $28,500 timepiece.

Inspired by the Galactic Empire, this stainless steel chronometer is limited to 500 pieces. California-based luxury watch maker Devon Works says it has 350 individual parts, four time belts, four microstep motors and 313 electrical contacts. Covered with a black, diamond-like carbon coating, the timepiece also features an on-board microprocessor, multiple high-tech optical recognition cells, lubricant-free ruby bearings and a lithium-polymer cell that recharges wirelessly through an inductive charging tower.

The wristwatch has a Darth Vader helmet, a TIE fighter wing, an Imperial Crest and comes with a pair of TIE Fighter cuff links as well. For a closer look, check out this video:

[h/t: Digital Trends

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