Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bob Dylan's personal archive acquired for millions

If you look inside the notebooks, journals and sketchbooks of some of our favorite creative minds, you can see the birth of their ideas: everything from romantic short poems to delightful doodles and sketches. But notebooks and journals are usually private affairs, and fans rarely get a peek into the brilliant minds of their creators.

There have long been rumors that Bob Dylan had accumulated an extensive archive of secret materials including manuscripts, private letters and notebooks filled with handwritten lyrics. Now it turns out that not only were the speculations true, but the folk-rock icon's private collection was more exhaustive than even hardcore Dylanologists had hoped.

A group of institutions in Oklahoma announced Wednesday they have acquired Dylan's secret archive of 6,000 items for $15 million. According to The New York Times, which got a preview of the collection, "it is clear that the archives are deeper and more vast than even most Dylan experts could imagine, promising untold insight into the songwriter's work."

Read Bob Dylan's Secret Archive at NYT.

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