Sunday, April 3, 2016

New dating app lets your girl friends eavesdrop on private conversations

Boompi works pretty much like Tinder; you swipe yes (or no) to a possible match, and if the other person responds positively, you can start chatting with your potential date. Here's the catch, though: girls can let their friends eavesdrop on your conversation.

Guys can't notice the presence of your invited girl friends, though. The people you add can also send messages within the chat and can choose to appear in 'Ghost Mode,' which only allows them to view dialogues and not appear in the app's search.

While I see no reason why men would join Boompi, its creator, Alejandro Ponce, told TechCrunch that he believes guys would still sign up for the service because "boys will be wherever girls are." And the new dating app, he declared, "is every girl's dream."

What do you think? Is Boompi cool or creepy?

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