Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bizarre, neon-hued sculptures by Dan Lam

Some things don't need to make sense for you to enjoy them. That's what I’m finding out as I look through the sculptures of Dan Lam. Using polyurethane foam, acrylic paint and epoxy resin, the Manila-born, Texas-based artist makes colorful blob-like pieces that seem to drip or bubble right before your eyes. What I love most about her art, in addition to their strangeness, is that they are at times somewhat trippy. 

To create these bizarre, neon-hued sculptures, Dan starts by molding the foam to get the look that she wants. Then she uses layers of paint and resin, back and forth, until it's finished. "The nature of the materials I work with allow for control and flexibility," she told Maake Magazine. "I can dictate where things go, but in the end, I have to let the materials expand and let gravity do its work."

See more of her work here.

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