Friday, April 8, 2016

'Scrap Floats' by Aggie Zed

Virginia-based artist Aggie Zed creates fascinating ceramic and mixed media sculptures, paints excellent visual art on paper and draws rather well. In the art world we would call her a triple threat and she does it all very well. There's plenty of her work I wanted to feature here, but I'd rather leave you to lurk around her website and instead I'll focus your attention to her Scrap Floats.

These sculptures are comprised of animals, human parts, and other machinelike scraps. The figures are striking in both their surrealism and their humility: disfigured humans sprout wings, fish live out of water, and horses have intricately arranged metal frames for bodies. They're a little bit steampunk, a little bit classical and a whole lot intriguing.

Aggie received a BFA in sculpture and painting from the University of South Carolina. She currently lives with her husband in Gordonsville where she keeps animals in her life, especially chickens, which defy anthropomorphism.

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