Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love At First Listen

   Sometimes you fall completely in love with music on first listen. It can be a dazzling guitar solo, the exemplary vocal harmonies, the powerful lyrics, or the amazing orchestral backing tracks. And, before you know it, you're in love with the song, the artist, the entire album.

   The general public may not recognize these two ladies, but to indie music fans worldwide, BOY, composed of Swiss singer Valeska Steiner and German bassist Sonja Glass, are bona fide superstars. The two met years ago at a music camp in Hamburg, and the friendship that prevailed over the years has produced Mutual Friends — the duo's debut album.

   I remember staying for a bit more at the bar, the first time I heard Drive Darling. I was immediately hooked. From the in-wall speakers behind me it came; a song I can describe only as pure, unadulterated music. I had never seen BOY perform before but I admired them instantly. And I loved that I didn’t know anything about them even more.

And when we arrive
The hardest of goodbyes
You will dry my eyes
Somehow you're always by my side
The one who holds my kite
And watches over all my flights

   BOY writes and sings catchy, straightforward pop-folk songs about life and relationships. There's one about a waitress, one about waiting by the phone, and another about moving to a big city. I am swept by their song's lyrical integrity, their austerity, the organic sound of real instruments, along with the delicate unraveling of the splendid musical arrangements.

   Drive Darling is not just a song. It's a story, a beautiful yet sad story.

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