Saturday, June 27, 2015

I normally hate suits but I'll make an exception for this one

Some people like the feel of satin against their skin. Some want to wrap themselves in wool. But how about wearing clothes made from bagels? Food and fashion enthusiasts will be intrigued by this bizarrely awesome, mouth-watering 'Bagel Suit' by self-proclaimed food-fashionista Ishara Jayakody. 

From Bon App├ętit:

The bagel suit took about 100 hours to make, and the wearable version—a vest—took her between 60 and 70 hours. It’s always a long process of experimentation and trial and error, according to Jayakody. "I"ll spray [the food] with different things, leave it out in the sun, put it in the fridge, dissolve it, and so on, until I find something that works," she said. She also goes method on these projects: "When I'm making a bagel dress, all I'm eating is bagels." The process is all-consuming, and between designing and her full-time job, Jayakody doesn't sleep much.

The 'Bagel Suit' is not Ishara's first time exploring the intersection of food and fashion. The 27-year-old artist has also created clothing out of pasta, candy, lettuces, and even eggshells.

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