Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kazakhstan seems to have a bit of a weed problem

I know nothing about Kazakhstan except its pretty volleyball player named Sabina Altynbekova. However, my interest with the post-Soviet state was recently stirred when I saw these interesting photos:

   These are images of what appear to be cannabis plants growing in flower beds across Astana City, though everyone seems baffled as to where they have come from. 

   The herbs were first noticed by a resident who was attracted by the unusual smell and appearance of the lush green plants. The specimens are now thriving at the corner of Auezov and Dzhangeldina. There have also been sightings in front of the city's famous Tree of Life monument. How symbolic!

   Unfortunately marijuana is still illegal in Kazakhstan, and, according to Metro, the government has launched an investigation to find out whether or not it was a mistake that they made or if it was an act of guerrilla gardening from local activists.

   Will they ever find this Johnny Appleweed? Stay tuned.

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