Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beer pong Slip Cups prevent college students from drinking dirt

Thanks to these clever guys from Connecticut, dirty beer pong is now a thing of the past.

   The Slip Cup is a plastic cup that catches the ping pong ball, and prevents it from landing in your drink. Invented by the Treibt brothers, the device fits above bigger beer pong cups. It has a thin rim so it won't disrupt the shot, and has a small flap to stop the ball from bouncing out. The Slip Cups are also centre-weighted so your beer pong cups — and the beverage inside — don't easily splatter all over the floor when hit by the ball.

   Donating $5 will get you a Slip Cup pack of 20. As of this writing, their Kickstarter campaign has raised almost $63,000, and with 20 days still to go, it is likely that they will reach their $70,000 crowdfunding goal. Check out the video below to see exactly how it works:

   Sometimes, it's the simple ideas that truly change the world. 

[h/t: Food Beast]

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