Saturday, July 18, 2015

This guy builds intricate sandcastles on New York's beaches

I really enjoy making sand sculptures at the beach. But, my creations are nothing compared to Calvin Seibert's geometrically precise sandcastles.

   His creations look like Ziggurats, and some people say he seems to borrow ideas from Canadian architect Frank Gehry. Seibert's drawings have been noticed by different art galleries, and during winter, creates sculptures out of discarded cardboard. But in the summer, he spends up to 10 hours per day building elaborate sandcastles. 

   The 57-year-old New York-based artist prepares a complex saltwater-sand mixture before sculpting it with "carefully selected tools: plastic spackling blades and trowels made specially of Plexiglas (metal rusts, after all)." 

   "Building sandcastles is a bit of a test," Seibert writes on his Flickr page. "Nature will always be against you and time is always running out. Having to think fast and to bring it all together in the end is what I like about it."

You can see more of his work here.

[h/t: CityLab]

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