Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Colarusso's unusable objects

There's a Japanese art called chindogu, which has become something of a cult since inventor Kenji Kawakami coined the term about two decades ago. The word literally means "unusual tool," and though the gadgets that fall under this category can be a little embarrassing to utilize, they can't be considered as "useless" in an absolute sense. 

   But Giuseppe Colarusso's creations are different, and each object becomes a bit of a puzzle to solve. They're either highly unusable, technically impossible, or utterly annoying in their uselessness. A lot of these objects were fabricated by the Italian artist himself, however some were manipulated using Photoshop.

   Colarusso's Improbability series tests our patience, but at some point it also manages to put a smile on our faces. You can find more of this imaginative series on his website.

[h/t: Ignant]

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