Thursday, July 23, 2015

Former 'Simpsons' cartoonist leaves amazing doodle in hotel guestbook

Hotel owners and staff feel good whenever guests leave thank you notes and words of appreciation on their guestbook. But I'm sure they'll feel even better if they receive something like this:

   Alex Ruiz, a former Simpsons animator, has left a delightful doodle of Homer and Marge in a hotel's guestbook while vacationing in a private island resort in Belize. Alex, who is currently a freelance illustrator, drew the famous Springfield couple enjoying a beach holiday, with the caption "We love Thatch Caye" and dated July 17.

   The drawing went viral after his girlfriend shared it on reddit, and wrote: "When you're a former Simpsons animator and you go on vacation, you always leave a doodle in the guestbook."

   Alex started his career as an animator on The Simpsons when he was only 19. He has since worked on Avatar, Aliens and Family Guy.

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