Monday, July 6, 2015

Photographer captures tears in extreme detail

Dutch photographer Maurice Mikkers wondered how tears look close up. So he took 
tear samples from his friends, all harvested under different circumstances: cutting onions, eating hot peppers, looking in to a fan, crying because of sadness or happiness, and snapped every tear drop under a microscope. The results are pretty awesome.

   The structures shown in the photos are largely crystallized salt, but the molecular makeup depends on the causative agent. The project, titled Imaginarium Of Tears, was originally published on According to Maurice, who is also a licensed medical laboratory analyst, he will be trying to expand the series with several new images of other volunteers.

    "It would be great if one day I would be able too share this experience live with you during a local exposition," he said. "An exposition where you as a volunteer can donate a tear, a tear that would be added to the collection of tears that will travel the world." Check out the images below:

More tears and information here.

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