Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Putin portrait created from bullet casings

The Face of War is a large scale portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin made out of bullet shells. Ukrainian artist Dariya Marchenko used 5,000 cartridges brought direct from the frontline in eastern Ukraine for the 2meter-high portrait.

   "For me the face of war is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, because he gives out these orders and these lies. But with the help of this picture I would like to show that in any case everyone sees everything and to show not only to him, but to all of society as well that war means lives," Dariya said in Kiev.

   Dariya used at least eight different types of bullet casings to create the piece, and all the cartridges used for her work have been sourced from zones that were under the control of the Ukrainian government. The Face of War will be presented along with a novel which will tell personal stories of six people involved in this project including the artist's own account and tales of people who helped her to gather bullet shells from the frontline.

   If you find bullet art interesting, you might want to check out the macabre portraits made by David S. Palmer, entirely out of bullets.

[All photos by Gleb Garanich/Reuters]

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