Monday, July 27, 2015

French photographer captures the beauty of China's rice paddies

Seeing as how I'm writing this while I sit with a view of an expansive rice field in Batangas, I'd thought I'd share with you some of Thierry Bornier's breathtaking photos that highlight the magnificence of China's man-made rice paddies. 

   Much of his work resembles intricate paintings rather than landscapes. Published several times in the National Geographic, the Frenchman always waits for the perfect lighting condition and the ideal cloud formation to make his pictures appear more surreal.

   "What is most important in landscape photography is the light," Thierry said. "Weather is king, but he is also a magician and can show you something amazing and beautiful when you least expect it. You must be there to capture it."

   Thierry ended up taking photos of Chinese terrain after spending seven years in the finance industry. Entirely self-taught as a photographer, he travelled to China and found a country of so many unique regions and stunning scenery. Since then, he has made a commitment to explore his artistic side in the Far East.

[h/t: Lens Culture]

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