Monday, August 24, 2015

This hotel looks like something Tolkien would have dreamed up

It isn't really hard to fall in love with the Magic Mountain Lodge – a volcano-shaped hotel hidden away in the center of a private nature reserve in Chile.

The guest house is designed using local building materials and labor and all the wood was carefully harvested locally as well. It is accessible only by foot and welcomes visitors with a suspended rope bridge, complete with water coming down from the top of the lodge. Several activities like horseback riding, hiking, ski tours in the winter, and white water rafting are offered to guests to keep them busy during their stay.

Visitors can also access the longest zip wire in South America, which run through the grounds at a height of 1,500ft. There's also a bar, a restaurant, and hot tubs made out of ancient, hollowed out tree trunks overlooking the forest.

[h/t: Inhabitat]

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