Sunday, August 16, 2015

Twenty years from now, we could all be surfing in hazmat suits

What will beach life be like in the future? Michael Dyrland explored this topic with a series of photos featuring surfers, lifeguards, and beach goers wearing hazmat suites to protect themselves from the contaminated waters. 

In HAZMAT Surfing we come face-to-face with how oceans might be like twenty or twenty-five years from now. Dyrland chose California's Venice Beach as a location for the shoot because of its world-wide relevance to surfing and the surf community. The Washington-based photographer came up with the idea after he was unable to enter the water on a trip to Los Angeles because of ten billion gallons of run off that had polluted the ocean after an evening of heavy rain.

Dyrland is hoping to expand the project to different beaches across the globe; "There are many spots in the ocean that are worse off than Los Angeles," he says.

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