Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One man's trash is Francisco de Pajaro's art

When someone creates a painting, a sculpture, or an installation, he or she usually wants it to last forever. But sometimes, an artist just wants to create a piece that will last just a few days, and then be gone forever. That's the case with Francisco de Pajaro, also known in street-art circles as Art Is Trash (El Arte Es Basura). 

While Francisco isn't the first person to create art with discarded items, he might just be the most fascinating name in the niche. The Catalan artist travels to cities all over the globe and uses old mattresses, cardboard boxes, bin bags and anything else he can find in the street to create bizarre yet delightfully whimsical human figures, monsters and animals.

Now, his work is being honored in a 192-page book titled Art Is Trash. Published by Promopress, the hardcover is a thick documentation of rubbish bags, abandoned furniture and debris, which were used to "create art that works as a mirror for those who see it, reflecting our boundless, desperate consumerism and our obsession with power."

Here are some of Francisco's most notable creations to date:

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