Monday, August 10, 2015

This cafe in Monaco is every Pantone fan's dream

In Monaco, design-loving visitors are quenching their thirst and satisfying their cravings and hunger at a pop-up restaurant inspired by the iconic Pantone Matching System.

Located within the Grimaldi Forum, along the coast on Princess Grace Avenue, the Pantone Cafe serves up an extensive menu of salads, sandwiches, eclairs, ice cream, coffee, juices and more – all of which have been matched to a Pantone color code.

Customers are able to order things like Pink Ham and Butter 13-2804 sandwich or Pistachio Green 19-1625 eclair. But it's not just the menu that comes with its own Pantone hue: The napkins, tables, chairs cups and beverage dispensers all also have corresponding color codes. Check out some images of the Pantone Cafe below:

[h/t: Wallpaper*]

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