Friday, August 14, 2015

Tattooed wooden figures by Takeshi Haguri

I am captivated by Takeshi Haguri's detailed sculptures. However, the most beautiful pieces, the ones that make us appreciate his skill the most, are the larger ones. 

Most of Haguri's works are covered in intricate tattoos. He uses acrylic paint to adorn the wooden figures with dragons, floral patterns, koi fish and other intricate designs in the style of traditional Japanese art. According to Hellion Gallery, each piece requires long 2×4 pieces of wood glued together. The block is then hand carved and individually painted.

Haguri was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1957. After graduating from the Aichi University of the Arts in 1982, he moved on to a postgraduate course, graduating in 1984. Since then he has been sculpting in wood mainly, using aluminum for outdoor works.

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