Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brazilian artist reuses electronic scrap to make art

As our insatiable demand for faster and more powerful devices rises, so too does the pile-up of electronic waste. According to a recent report, 41.8 million tonnes of e-waste were dumped around the world in 2014 and only an estimated 6.5 million tonnes were taken for recycling. To highlight this issue, Brazilian artist Christian Pierini MacĂȘna has created a series of art installations, where he used discarded electronics as materials to form portraits of famous people.

Aside from being an artist, Christian is also a producer, musician, and cultural and visual arts teacher. He has a degree in Visual Arts from Bennet Methodist University and took classes of observation drawing, live model and painting. Take a look at some of his awesome artworks below and visit his Facebook page to find more. 

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