Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jared Yokte's surreal paintings

I found some really strange creatures today, and they all come from Filipino artist Jared Yokte. His characters are grotesque yet intriguing that instead of looking away you want to peer closer. His renditions of human and animal figures, as described by artist critic Cid Reyes, are marked by "intricate, flowing striations of lines, like exposed musculature or twisting ropy old twine." 

Jared's oil paintings are mostly autobiographical in narrative and interrelated with one another. Although you might not hear the cries and howls of his dusky, ethereal characters, you can certainly feel their misery. 

Jared was born in Davao Oriental, but now lives and works in Tarlac. His At the Rear There Is Something Contrary is now on view at Blanc Gallery in Quezon City.

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