Sunday, September 13, 2015

Katie McCann's delightfully grotesque paper creatures

Every now and then I like to go to Katie McCann's tumblr and dig through her wonderfully weird creations once again to see what new can I find in them. Her collages are insane, and I mean that in the best possible way. 

Katie (aka Beetle Blossom) is an English artist currently living and working in Berkeley, California with a passion for everything unusual, grotesque and unique. Using cut outs from old medical books and magazines, she creates intricate Frankenstein-like figures "who are sometimes static like specimens and at other times are surviving in a unique habitat." She often incorporates lace, beads and fabric into her work to make them appear more elegant.

Artist Statement:
"I have known such a creature (Charles Altamont Doyle) is how I start my collages. As a child, I lived in a wonder world of faeries, witches, science fiction and botany. Not much has changed, the only difference being that I record all of my thoughts and stories in the form of intricately cut and pieced together collages. I like everything old and a little tired so I seek out images and photographs that are antique, vintage and forgotten. I transform these paper memories and records into other worldly creatures who are sometimes static like specimens and at other times are surviving in a unique habitat. I am rooted in the tradition of old fashioned childhood where discovery was at the bottom of the garden in amongst the crushed leaves, the lilac and the fungi. I hope that the creatures I uncovered in that quiet landscape are reflected in my collages."

Follow Katie's tumblr for more disturbing goodness.

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