Saturday, September 19, 2015

New service allows you to preserve your tattoos for loved ones after you're dead

Want to preserve your tattoos after you're gone? No worries. The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) will arrange to have your tattoo removed, dried, framed and sent to your designated beneficiary, as long as you're a member and have complied with the preservation process prior to your death.

Save My Ink, which was launched just last week, requires a $115 registration fee as well as annual fees of $60. Each additional preserved tattoo costs $100, depending on size, according to the press release. So far the service has successfully preserved 21 tattoos perfectly.

"Nearly all tattoos represent a story," explains Charles Hamm, chairman of the board and NAPSA executive director. "We've met so many people through the years – from military personnel to firefighters, physicians, teachers and artists that have shared their personal stories with us. When you factor in that deep connection, plus the fact that many people have thousands of dollars worth of art on their personal canvas, it's a natural next step to want to explore ways to preserve the art and the stories for loved ones. Which is exactly what we have done."

According to the organization, there's no limit on the number, size or location of tattoos that a member can have removed, but they refuse to preserve inked skin from the face or genitalia.

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