Tuesday, October 20, 2015

These houses look like something George Lucas would have dreamed up

Looking at these white globe houses, you would be forgiven for thinking that they were something from Star Wars. Located in the Dutch city of Den Bosch, they were designed in the 1970s by Dries Kreij Camp and built in 1984. 

Called bolwoningen (which translates as either "ball" or "bulb" houses/apartments), the UFO-like dwellings are low maintenance, lightweight and relatively small. Each unit measures just 5.5 meters in diameter, but all of them have two bedrooms on the ground floor, a bathroom and kitchen in the middle and a living room with a nice view on top. If you happen to be in Amsterdam and you have a car, it will only take you about an hour to reach this really cool neighborhood.

According to this site:
"The idea behind these unusual cement and fibreglass buildings sprang not from the architect's leap of madness, but in the 'optimal experience of nature in all its facets', or so Mr. Kreijkamp claims. Supposedly residents feel much closer to nature, because it can be seen from all directions within each globe. The unusual shape of the buildings is accented all the more because they are located next to 'normal' houses."

Image credits: Super Formosa

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