Friday, October 30, 2015

Derek Gores creates magnificent paper collages

I first stumbled upon the work of Derek Gores through Juxtapoz some five years ago and was completely blown away by his intricate collages. Derek, who is based in Florida, rips, cuts, and pastes snippets from old magazines, maps, documents, Internet photos and assorted found objects into canvas to create extraordinary images. I'm amazed by the level of detail in his work and wonder just how long it takes to compose such magnificent artworks from ripped up bits of paper. 

"I like my pictures to barely come together with teasing little details," he says. "In the collages, some of the little bits I use are deliberate, but in most I’m trusting randomness to help build an end result more interesting than I could have planned."

Be sure to check out Derek's website for more stunning collages. It's a visual feast, bon app├ętit.

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