Thursday, October 15, 2015

Exceptional sculpture in the open air

If you happen to be strolling along London's Regent's Park between October 13 and January 17 next year, then you won't miss this canopy of steel tetrahedrons built by Conrad Shawcross. The massive sculpture, titled The Dappled Light of the Sun, stands six meters high, and when the sun is shining, it casts kaleidoscopic shadows on the floor.

"At first, it could look like a sort of First World War, anti-tank barrier," the 37-year-old artist explained. "But, on further observation, it will reveal itself as a complex rule-based piece full of feral, chaotic, beautiful, flowing energy, juxtaposed against this very ordered courtyard."

Conrad's immersive piece is part of Frieze Sculpture Park 2015, which features 16 new and historical works, set in the English Gardens between Frieze Masters and Frieze London.

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