Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lexus creates a driveable 'Origami Car' made of cardboard

This is a full-size replica of the Lexus IS saloon made from 1,700 pieces of cardboard sheets. It's fully operational, which means you can actually drive the vehicle, and was built entirely by hand using laser cutting technology and water-based glue. Other than that, the sculpture has a fully fitted interior, functioning doors, real headlights and rolling wheels. Inspired by origami, the Japanese automaker says the vehicle was created "as a celebration of the human craftsmanship skills that go into every car Lexus makes".

The sedan, of course, isn't made entirely out of cardboard. Once assembled, the model was mounted onto a steel and aluminum frame, which includes an electric motor. Lexus' Origami Car will be shown off at the Grand Designs Live in Birmingham, England, beginning October 8. Here's how the vehicle was assembled:

[h/t: CarBuzz]

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