Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow artist walks all day on frozen lake to create giant dragon mural

Have you already heard of Simon Beck or seen his work? This guy is known for making large scale geometric designs in the Alps that are nothing short of amazing. By using a compass, string, measuring tape and a pair of snowshoes, the British artist creates massive snow drawings, which take anywhere from 5-9 hours to more than a day to complete.

Simon recently finished a huge dragon on a frozen lake in Siberia to promote a new movie. He created the giant mural by wearing special snowshoes and leaving countless of footprints behind, resulting in intricate patterns forming the legendary creature. The end result is pretty impressive.

"I am very glad that a new stage in my development was the visit to Russia, and my first experience of cooperation with the film industry," he said. "The difficulty in creating of this snow dragon was that it was necessary to perform a very clear goals, to fit all the dimensions and parameters. This time I even had to pre-draw the draft on paper, which I do not normally do."

Check out Simon in action below:

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