Friday, December 4, 2015

Björk - 'Mouth Mantra'

Björk has a lot to say, and today, she found a new way to say it with the release of a trippy new music video for her single Mouth Mantra. Most of the footage is from the inside of the Icelandic icon's mouth while she's actually belting out the song, thanks to director Jesse Kanda's special camera. Close-up images of Björk's tongue, teeth and saliva can be seen before Kanda zooms out to capture the singer-songwriter in a trance.

"I am so extremely grateful to Jesse to be up for going on this journey," she told Dazed, who premiered the video. "It was brave of him to take it on and I feel spoiled having witnessed him grow, making hi-tech mouth models and inventing cameras all to match a little therapeutic song about the throat. His dedication and devotion is overwhelming."

By the way, can you believe Björk's 50?

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