Sunday, January 31, 2016

Amazing mural-scale pencil drawings by Adonna Khare

When I first discovered Adonna Khare's large-scale drawings of animals, I had a hard time keeping my eyes away from all the immense carbon detail woven into the perfect textures for skin, fur, feathers, etc. She pays extremely close attention to details, creating an amazing contrast between realistic figures and their more stylized surroundings. 

Adonna earned a master of fine arts degree from California State University Long Beach in 2006, and her work has been collected by distinguished public and private collections throughout the world. In 2012 she won the ArtPrize, competing against more than 1500 artists. Her winning piece titled Elephants is a triptych, measuring 36 ft wide by 8ft in height. 

"The idea came to be because of my daughter," she told the West Michigan Woman"It's that idea of the connection elephants have with each other and their history. I got really involved in reading about elephants and I decided the elephants theme would carry me through the whole drawing."

It is also my favorite drawing by Adonna, but she has other stunning sketches that deserve a peek, too.

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