Sunday, January 31, 2016

This apartment complex in Kazakhstan could have a 1000-foot ski slope on its roof

I don't know how practical this is but if given the green light, this apartment block in Astana, Kazakhstan would be the world's first residential building that doubles as an outdoor ski slope. Designed by Shokhan Mataibekov Architects, the 21-story Slalom House will feature shops and restaurants on the ground floor, 421 two-bedroom residences on the upper floors, and a 1000-foot-tall artificial slope descending from its roof. 

Unlike at your average ski resort, House Slalom's track could be used during the entire year, because the slope will be powered by artificial snow. Skiers could even use it at night, because the track would be brightly lit. In case you're wondering, the project will cost roughly $70 million. 

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