Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Beautiful and Inspiring Murals of Christina Angelina

Though street art is still a man's game, women like Lady Aiko, Swoon, Faith47 and Maya Hayuk are trying to change the status quo. Today I want to focus your attention on the work of Christina Angelina (aka Starfighter), a California-based artist who has a rigorous work ethic. When she isn't bound by professional commitments or working in her studio, you can find her armed with spray paint, a mechanical lift, and protective gear as she beautifies urban landscapes.

Christina's been into public art since she was a teenager. She started wheat pasting, intricately cutting drawings onto city walls, and it evolved from there. A huge fan of Burning Man, a lot of her projects transpire in remote areas, and she seeks to provide a source of inspiration in communities relatively untouched by art. She prefers to work on large outdoor walls; and the level of detail that she puts into each of her figurative paintings is a gift to those lucky enough to encounter them on the streets.

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