Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Colorful drawings by Fred Hatt

For some illustrators, scribbling isn't the best way to create visually stunning images. It's childish, messy, and sometimes out of hand. But then again, Fred Hatt isn't your average illustrator. The Brooklyn-based artist somehow manages to produce amazing scribble-style sketches using the familiar charm of crayons. His masterpieces reminded me of Malaysia's Vince Low, who uses the same approach to create incredibly detailed portraits.

Aside from drawings, Fred is also into painting, installations, photography, filmmaking, and performance art. You can see much more of his work on his website and Tumblr.

More about the artist:
"My work is an art of movement, rhythm and feeling. For me what is important is not concept or concept, but process and practice. The creative process becomes a journey of transforming perception to more directly experience the undivided aspect of reality. 
I use experimental creative processes in my large scale drawings, working improvisationally with live models and allowing compositions to emerge from chaos. I use the gestural aspect of drawing to capture the human image not as object but as energy. I try to create work that defies the passivity of the viewer, eliciting a more active way of looking."

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