Thursday, February 4, 2016

Glitchy Wooden Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

These wooden sculptures by Paul Kaptein remind me of a glitchy TV set. The Australia-based artist uses large blocks of laminated wood to carve distorted human figures, and the impressive craftsmanship of his work is nothing short of astounding. As Dr. Ric Spencer puts it:

"Paul's work, seemingly bent through time and space, taps into this medium of emptiness, responding to the gap between immateriality and materiality – through the energy we call potential. His work is full of the boundless energy of potentiality loops or loops of potentiality or the realisation that potential is the energy that constantly moves and transforms. Potential is the force that grabs ideas and translates them into being – it is a poetic energy of necessity and a necessary energy for poetics."

To view more of Paul's amazing sculptures, make sure to check out his online gallery and follow him on Instagram.

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