Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Glass artist Kiva Ford creates stunning metamorphosis vivariums

Glass blowing is difficult, and it takes years and years to master. But this doesn't deter artists like Kiva Ford, who creates glass sculptures worthy of admiration. On his website's about page, Kiva provides a glimpse into his journey in glass:

"Kiva Ford's passion with glass began early in life, and was anchored with his college degree in Scientific Glassblowing. Through years of work creating complex glass instruments for scientist's use, he has perfected his precision and technique in manipulating glass. 
Beyond the scientific community, Kiva is more commonly known for his exquisite glass goblets, bottles, pendants and vessels. Kiva's artistic work is influenced by his interests in history, mythology, and the natural world."

In his Metamorphosis series, the Indiana based artist delicately captures the sequence of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly and an egg turning into a frog in elegantly hand-blown glass vivariums.

[h/t: Hi-Fructose]

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