Thursday, February 4, 2016

Larger-than-life sculptures created with used cardboard boxes

I'm always on the hunt for awesome artwork and artists on Instagram, and believe me, Laurence Vallières (laurenceval) is worth the follow. While the Montreal-based artist isn't the first person to create art with recycled cardboard, she might just be the coolest name in the niche. 

Laurence scours the streets for used cardboard boxes to make large-scale sculptures of animals. Inspired by the works of Art Spiegelman, George Orwell and William Kentridge, she sometimes utilizes the printed surface of the packaging materials in order to depict the animal imagery. "My work is about human relationships, communication and political issues," she says. "The activity of drawing is the basis of all my work. It all starts with a sketch. I like to join my sculptures to my drawings by creating a relationship between them so they communicate and challenge each other."

Visit Laurence's website to view more of her amazing cardboard creatures.

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