Saturday, February 20, 2016

Moderat's animated video for 'Reminder' is just splendid

This video for Moderat's latest single Reminder is a great blend of Tim Burton-style cinematic stuff with dystopian strangeness. It's dark, mysterious, and beautifully animated. It reminds me a bit of Shane Acker's sci-fi film 9. The storyline of the video is as follows: 

"A rebellious teenager slaves away in a dystopian world, harvesting crystals from a vast grey landscape. This sparkling bounty is given as an offering to a tribal deity, who resides in a shrine guarded by sentinels with green glowing masks, where he is constantly under attack from an army of drones."

Want to dazzle your eyes for a few minutes? Watch the whole thing below.

[h/t: thump]

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