Monday, February 29, 2016

NASA wants to launch your masterpiece into space

Perhaps I'm late to the party but did you know that NASA is opening an art gallery for aliens? In September, the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx will travel to a near-Earth asteroid called Bennu. In hopes of making the minor planet the first extra-terrestrial art gallery known to man, the space agency is inviting the public to submit paintings, sketches, photographs, poems, songs, videos and other forms of creative expression. These works will be encoded on a chip and left in the asteroid's soil.

NASA is accepting submissions until March 20, and artists around the globe can send their works to the OSIRIS-REx Twitter or Instagram accounts using the hashtag #WeTheExplorers. Videos published to YouTube and Vimeo will be accepted as well; just link to your clips in an appropriately tagged tweet. To know more about the technical guidelines, visit the campaign's website. Below are some of my favorites from Twitter.

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