Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tomek Ducki's 'Baths' is a mesmerizing short film about the flipside of reality

I really love Tomek Ducki's animated videos, and when I found out that he has a new short film up on Vimeo, I perked up. His latest, Baths, is an intriguing story about two elderly swimmers who regularly meet to splash around. This time, however, they are diving deeper than expected.

Using watercolor, paint on glass, ink on paper, cut-out animation, digital drawings, photography, and other techniques, the four-minute film "takes us into the murky waters of fantasy. With a cool kind of magic, this delicately stylized film draws us into various layers of reality, as we plunge from silent melancholia into the graphic frenzy of competitive sports, where everything is turned upside down."

[h/t: Cartoon Brew]

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