Wednesday, March 2, 2016

No, these are not a photographs

Kamalky Laureano's acrylic paintings are so intricate a lot of people mistake them for photos. The artist, who hails from the Dominican Republic, creates jaw-dropping artworks that vibrate with emotion and energy. 

On his bio, it reads: "My work is motivated by my feelings toward how I experience my life. Art is communication. It is the conscious living of the world around us in every second. My subjects captivate me as if they were music and melodies. I feel compelled to listen to them and play back their song the way I hear it. I am inspired by the singer's face that sings to me every day."

Kamalky's skills with a brush are undeniable. If you're a big fan of hyperrealistic paintings, check out his online portfolio, or follow him on Instagram. He also has some clips on his YouTube channel.

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