Sunday, March 6, 2016

Locals aren't happy about McDonald's using fake graffiti in its Brixton branch

South London is already plagued by vandalism. So, when McDonald's renovated its Brixton branch with fake graffiti, some locals got pissed off. Residents took to Twitter to criticize the fast food giant for its new design, which features graffiti-covered walls and lampshades. One said the scheme was "woefully shit", while local food critic Jay Rayner said it was a "truly offensive idea," noting that the district already had a lot of its own graffiti.

On the other hand, some people think it's a great concept. "That new McDonald's in Brixton looks nice," said Twitter user Bill Easton. "How the hell can someone moan about that?" A McDonald's spokesman has described the makeover as "fresh" and "exciting" and said the company plans to roll it out at restaurants across the United Kingdom. What do you think? Is it offensive or no big deal?

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