Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Polish startup wants to brew beer from model's vagina bacteria

These days, breweries are experimenting with unique mixes of flavors to get noticed. There's a beer that actually has collagen as an active ingredient; an IPA created with squid ink; and a pizza beer — an ale brewed with oregano, tomato, basil and garlic. But would you drink something that's made from vaginal bacteria? 

A Polish company has set up a crowdfunding campaign in the hopes that people will give them money so that they can produce beer from the lactic acid bacteria swimming inside of Czech model Alexandra Brendlova. Warsaw-based Order of Yoni —"Yoni" being a Sanskrit word for "vagina" — says the beverage has "no vaginal smell or taste", but it has been "flavored with instincts" and brewed with Alexandra's "lure" and "grace".

Unfortunately, the people behind this Indiegogo campaign aren't finding much luck just yet. As of this writing, the campaign had raised only 95 euros, with 24 days left. Maybe they should've put the essence of Kendall Jenner's vagina instead.

Check out the video below to learn more about the product.

[h/t: BroBible]

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