Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pop culture meets classic paintings

Eisen Bernardo is a Filipino graphic artist, multimedia producer and writer that I came across about a year ago. He is known for superimposing magazine covers, album artworks, logos, and DVD covers into classic paintings, creating quirky mash-ups of modern and old-fashioned art. It's time-consuming, because Eisen had to scour through countless collections of artworks and paintings to find the right match.

Some of his works include a Vanity Fair cover featuring Miley Cyrus cleverly combined with the Portrait of Madame RĂ©camier, a painting by French artist Jacques-Louis David. An album cover starring Sky Ferreira was also superimposed on Henry Robert Morland's A Lady's Maid Soaping Linen. Check out some of his interesting mash-ups below, and be sure to see all of his various collections here.

If you're into mash-ups, you might also want to check out Kim at the Museum.

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