Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New app transcribes your humming into musical score

Every now and then I stumble upon a new mobile app that impresses me. Samsung's Hum On! is one of them. At the SXSW in Austin, the South Korean tech giant unveiled the new app that automatically converts your humming into sheet music. 

Simply tap the record button and hum the melody into your phone's mic and the app will write it out in musical notation. You can use your preferred arrangement style (R&B, classical or rock) to adjust the tone and mood of your song. If you're pretty much out of tune don't worry, because the app uses analysis software to compensate for your awful singing voice.

While Hum On! is ideal for musicians, composers, and arrangers, it is also a terrific app for kids, because it intuitively builds music awareness while they think they're just having fun. Unfortunately, the app is still in its beta phase and has yet to launch as a final product.

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