Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sean Parker wants to offer you new movies at home for $50

How much would you pay to watch a movie at home the same day it hits cinemas? Napster co-founder and ex-Facebook president Sean Parker thinks a $50 price point isn't too high. According to Variety, a new startup called the Screening Room plans to stream movies the day of the theatre release. The cost would be $150 for the device that transmits the movie, and $50 per film, which would be rented for two days. 

The company is backed by Parker, and will offer "secure anti-piracy technology." However, the idea of giving users access to first-run releases in the age of torrent sites is likely to remain a controversial one unless the Internet mogul and his cohorts can prove their technology is superior and completely bulletproof. While the report says that major studios, such as Sony, Fox and Universal, appear to be interested in the premium service, it also says that some aren't fascinated with it.

Would you pay fifty bucks to watch a new movie at home on opening night? Maybe I would. Because nothing ruins a good film like an audience laughing at all the wrong parts.

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